This piece was realised during the residency at the Duplex, Lisbon.

Cette oeuvre a été réalisé dans le cadre de la résidence au Duplex, Lisbonne.


'My breath is inside you' was created during my residency at DuplexAIR, Lisbon, (Portugal) and curated by Francesca Portugal, on February 2022.

'My breath is inside you' is a sound installation where you are invited to enter in a room of the appearance of a bathroom, to listen to a breathing that evolves through time. The breathing is heard very intimately as it is diffused by a pair of speakers surrounding you.

A bathroom is a place of privacy where anxiety and peace among other emotions live. I wanted this breathing to be ambiguous, where we can't really decipher its state: is this person breathing ok? The moments we hear a breathing tend to be situations of shared initmacies. In that way, this work talks about empathy.

How does this breathing affect you?
How does a space, a sound make you feel?

Special thanks to Francisca Portugal, Victoria Alvarez, Afonso and the director of Duplex AIR Susana Rocha.