'My breath is inside you' was creating during my residency at DuplexAIR, Lisbon, (Portugal) and curated by Francesca Portugal, on February 2022.

'My breath is inside you' is a sound installation where you are invited to enter in a room of the appearance of a bathroom, to listen to a breathing that evolves through time. The breathing is heard very intimately as it is diffused by a pair of speakers surrounding you.

A bathroom is a place of privacy where anxiety and peace among other emotions live. I wanted this breathing to be ambiguous, where we can't really decipher its state: is this person breathing ok? The moments we hear a breathing tend to be situations of shared initmacies. In that way, this work talks about empathy.

How does this breathing affect you?
How does a space, a sound make you feel?

Special thanks to Francisca Portugal, Victoria Alvarez, Afonso and the director of Duplex AIR Susana Rocha.